Smc2, ATP-binding cassette domain (IPR027120)

Short name: Smc2_ABC

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Structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 2 (Smc2) is a central component of the condensin complex, which is required for conversion of interphase chromatin into mitotic-like condense chromosomes. The condensin complex probably introduces positive supercoils into relaxed DNA in the presence of type I topoisomerases and converts nicked DNA into positive knotted forms in the presence of type II topoisomerases [PMID: 11136719, PMID: 9774278, PMID: 10428035, PMID: 9458050].

Amino-acid sequence homology of SMC proteins between species is largely confined to the amino- and carboxy-terminal globular domains. The amino-terminal domain contains a 'Walker A' nucleotide-binding domain (GxxGxGKS/T, in the single-letter amino-acid code), which by mutational studies has been shown to be essential in several proteins. The carboxy-terminal domain contains a sequence (the DA-box) that resembles a 'Walker B' motif, and a motif with homology to the signature sequence of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) family of ATPases [PMID: 11551790, PMID: 11435397].

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