GidA associated domain 3 (IPR026904)

Short name: GidA-assoc_3

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The GidA associated domain 3 is a motif that has been identified at the C terminus of protein GidA. It consists of 4 helices, the last three being rather short and forming small bundle at the top end of the first longer one. It is here named helical domain 3 because in GidA it is preceded by two other C-terminal helical domain (based on crystal structures [PMID: 18565343, PMID: 19446527]). GidA is an tRNA modification enzyme found in bacteria and mitochondria. Based on mutational analysis this domain has been suggested to be implicated in binding of the D-stem of tRNA [PMID: 19446527] and to be responsible for the interaction with protein MnmE [PMID: 18565343].

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