Proteasome component Ecm29/Translational activator Gcn1 (IPR026827)

Short name: Ecm29/Gcn1

Family relationships


This entry includes proteasome component Ecm29 and translational activator Gcn1.

Ecm29 is associated with the proteasome. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, it stabilises the proteasome holoenzyme, probably by tethering the 20S proteolytic core particle and the 19S regulatory particle [PMID: 12408819]. In human, it is an adapter/scaffolding protein that binds to the 26S proteasome, motor proteins and other compartment specific proteins. It may couple the proteasome to different compartments including endosome, endoplasmic reticulum and centrosome. It may play a role in ERAD and other enhanced proteolyis [PMID: 15496406, PMID: 20682791].

Gcn1 acts as a translation activator that mediates translational control by regulating gcn2 kinase activity [PMID: 8497269].

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