Spp2/MOS2, G-patch domain (IPR026822)

Short name: Spp2/MOS2_G-patch

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Spp2 is a yeast G-patch protein and spliceosome component that interacts with the ATP-dependent DExH-box splicing factor Prp2 [PMID: 15542821]. This interaction involves the G-patch sequence in Spp2 and is required for the recruitment of Prp2 to the spliceosome before the first catalytic step of splicing. It has been proposed that Spp2 might be an accessory factor that confers spliceosome specificity on Prp2 [PMID: 16880513].

Proteins containing this G-patch domain also include the plant MOS2 protein, which is required for innate and induced resistance to pathogens, and MOS2 homologues from Metazoa [PMID: 16271871].

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