Exosome complex RNA-binding protein 1/RRP40/RRP4 (IPR026699)

Short name: Exosome_RNA_bind1/RRP40/RRP4

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This family includes archaeal probable exosome complex RNA-binding protein 1, exosome complex component RRP40 and RRP4. They are subunits of either archaeal or eukaryotic exosome complex. Exosome is a complex of 3' --> 5' exoribonucleases that play a major role in diverse RNA processing and degradation pathways.

The eukaryotic exosome complex contains 9 proteins. Six RNase PH domain containing proteins (Rrp41, Rrp42, Rrp43, Rrp45, Rrp46, and Mtr3) form a catalytic ring, three RNA binding domain containing proteins (Rrp4,Rrp40, and Csl4) bind on top of the ring [PMID: 17174896].

In the archaeal exosome, the hexameric ring is formed by three dimers of the orthologs of Rrp41 and Rrp42 and degrades poly(A) RNA phosphorolytically. Three proteins with RNA binding domains (orthologues of Rrp4 or Csl4) bind to the ring and influences degradation of a short poly(A) RNA substrate by the hexameric ring [PMID: 16285927, PMID: 17078816].

In this entry, RRP40 and RRP4 are both non-catalytic components of the RNA exosome complex [PMID: 10465791, PMID: 19060898]. Exosome complex RNA-binding protein 1 contains a S1 and a KH domain and is the archaeal ortholog of eukaryotic Rrp4 [PMID: 19053279].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0003723 RNA binding

Cellular Component

GO:0000178 exosome (RNase complex)

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