Dermatopontin family (IPR026645)

Short name: Dermatopontin_fam

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This family includes dermatopontin, millepora cytotoxin-1 and hemagglutinin/amebocyte aggregation factor.

Dermatopontin is a small molecular weight protein in the extracellular matrix, which has been reported to be involved in different functions [PMID: 16987749]. It seems to mediate adhesion by cell surface integrin binding [PMID: 19928997]. It interacts with transforming growth factor beta [PMID: 9895299]. A role of this protein in cell proliferation [PMID: 14980498] and collagen fibrillogenesis [PMID: 12230512] has also been reported.

Millepora cytotoxin-1 is a toxin from fire coral with hemagglutination activity on erythrocytes [PMID: 17983598].

Hemagglutinin/amebocyte aggregation factor is able to induce both aggregation of amebocytes and agglutination of erythrocytes [PMID: 1429596].

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