CAMPATH-1 antigen (CD52) (IPR026643)

Short name: CAMPATH-1

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CAMPATH-1 antigen (also known as CD52) is a very small glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored glycoprotein present in lymphocytes , male reproductive tracts and female cumulus cells [PMID: 1711975, PMID: 7688956, PMID: 8418821, PMID: 9464849, PMID: 18647288]. CD52 on the lymphocyte membrane surface induces regulatory T cells with immunosuppressive activities [PMID: 16797237]. In the male reproductive tract, CD52 may protect sperm function from complement attack if antisperm antibody is generated in the female reproductive tracts [PMID: 22386526]. It has also been suggested that CD52 has some functional roles around fertilisation in females as well as in males [PMID: 18647288].

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