L-carnitine dehydrogenase (IPR026578)

Short name: L-carnitine_dehydrogenase

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L-carnitine dehydrogenase catalyses the NAD+-dependent oxidation of L-carnitine to 3-dehydrocarnitine. Its substrates are L-carnitine and NAD+ but not D,L-3-hydroxybutyrate, L-lactate, ethanol, L-malate, and D,L-isocitrate. This enzyme is involved in a L-carnitine degradation pathway that allows bacteria (such as P.aeruginosa, Xanthomonas translucens and Rhizobium sp. YS-240) to grow on L-carnitine as the sole source of carbon and nitrogen [PMID: 4302217, PMID: 19406895, PMID: 20530902].

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