Outer dense fibre protein 2-related (IPR026099)

Short name: Odf2-rel

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This family consists of outer dense fibre protein 2 and related proteins. Outer dense fibre protein 2 (Odf2), also known as cenexin, seems to be a major component of sperm tail outer dense fibres (ODFs). ODFs are filamentous structures located on the outside of the axoneme in the midpiece and principal piece of the mammalian sperm tail and may help to maintain the passive elastic structures and elastic recoil of the sperm tail. Odf2 may have a modulating influence on sperm motility. It functions as a general scaffold protein that is specifically localized at the distal/subdistal appendages of mother centrioles [PMID: 9740324, PMID: 15852003].

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