Niban-like (IPR026088)

Short name: Niban-like

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The Niban-like family is also known as family with sequence similarity 129 (FAM129). This family consists of Niban (FAM129A), Niban-like protein 1 (FAM129B or MINERVA) and Niban-like protein 2 (FAM129C) [PMID: 21148485].

Overexpression of Niban (FAM129A) has been detected in patients with many types of cancer, including thyroid, head and neck, renal, and liver cancer. Niban is highly expressed in the early stages of cancer development and remains overexpressed throughout the cancer progression [PMID: 16949643, PMID: 19536772, PMID: 15891994, PMID: 14990989]. It has been suggested that Niban might be involved in the ER stress response and can modulate cell death signaling by regulating translation [PMID: 17588536].

Niban-like protein 1 was suggested to play a role in apoptosis suppression in cancer cells [PMID: 21148485].

Niban-like protein 2 is a B-cell membrane protein that is overexpressed in chronic lymphocytic leukemia [PMID: 12886250].

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