GW domain (IPR025987)

Short name: GW_dom

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The GW domain or cell wall targeting (CWT) signal is a module of about 80-90 amino acids named for a conserved Gly-Trp (GW) dipeptide. GW domains have only been identified in Gram-positive bacteria and form a small protein family. They are divergent members of the SH3 family. However, GW domains are unlikely to mimic SH3 domains functionally, as their potential peptide-binding sites are destroyed or blocked. GW domains may constitute a motif for cell-surface anchoring in Listeria and other Gram-positive bacteria [PMID: 9282740, PMID: 12411480].

The GW domain is composed of seven beta-strands, five of which are organized into an open barrel conformation like the SH3 domains one. The eponymous GW dipeptide, located in the fourth beta-strand, is more conserved in GW domains than in SH3 domains. Both the glycine and tryptophan are buried in GW proteins, while the equivalent residues in SH3 proteins are surface accessible, perhaps explaining the greater conservation in GW proteins [PMID: 12411480, PMID: 22609916].

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