Nuclear condensin complex subunit 3, C-terminal domain (IPR025977)

Short name: Cnd3_C

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The Cnd1-3 proteins are the three non-SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) proteins that go to make up the mitotic condensation complex along with the two SMC protein families, XCAP-C and XCAP-E, (or in the case of fission yeast, Cut3 and Cut14) [PMID: 10485849]. The five-member complex seems to be conserved from yeasts to vertebrates. This domain is the C-terminal, cysteine-rich domain of Cnd3. The complex shuttles between the nucleus, during mitosis, and the cytoplasm during the rest of the cycle. Thus this family is made up of the C-termini of XCAP-Gs, Ycg1 and Ycs5 members.

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