Mif2/CENP-C cupin domain (IPR025974)

Short name: Mif2/CENP-C_cupin

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This entry represents a C-terminal domain found in Mif2 and CENP-C.

CENP-C is the inner-kinetochore centromere (CEN) binding protein. In the budding-yeast, Mif2, the yeast homologue, binds in the CDEIII region of the centromere, and has been shown to recruit a substantial subset of all inner and outer kinetochore proteins [PMID: 18701705]. Mif2 adopts a cupin fold and is extremely similar both in polypeptide chain conformation and in dimer geometry to the dimerisation domain of a bacterial transcription factor [PMID: 18701705]. The Mif2 dimer appears to be part of an enhanceosome-like structure that nucleates kinetochore assembly in budding yeast [PMID: 18701705]. This C-terminal domain is the region via which CENP-C localises to centromeres throughout the cell cycle [PMID: 19503796, PMID: 21353555].

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