Phostensin/Taperin N-terminal domain (IPR025903)

Short name: Phostensin/Taperin_N_dom

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Phostensin has been identified as a PP1 regulatory protein binding protein. This domain is N-terminal to the PP1- and SH3-binding regions, though may carry an additional SH3-binding motif. It is likely that phostensin targets PP1 to the F-actin cytoskeleton [PMID: 17374523]. Phostensin binds to actin and decreases the elongation and depolymerisation rates of actin filament pointed ends [PMID: 19622346].

This domain is also found in the taperin, which is a PP1 binding protein that is ancestrally related to phostensin. Taperin has a role in sound perception [PMID: 20170899].

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