Topoisomerase I C-terminal domain (IPR025834)

Short name: TopoI_C_dom

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This domain is found at the C terminus of topoisomerase I.

DNA topoisomerase I (EC: [PMID: 2560656, PMID: 7773745, PMID: 2542938, PMID: 7770916] is one of the two types of enzyme that catalyze the interconversion of topological DNA isomers. Type I topoisomerases act by catalyzing the transient breakage of DNA, one strand at a time, and the subsequent rejoining of the strands. When a eukaryotic type 1 topoisomerase breaks a DNA backbone bond, it simultaneously forms a protein-DNA link where the hydroxyl group of a tyrosine residue is joined to a 3'-phosphate on DNA, at one end of the enzyme-severed DNA strand. In eukaryotes and poxvirus topoisomerases I, there are a number of conserved residues in the region around the active site tyrosine [PMID: 2542938].

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