DNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase DRM (IPR025822)

Short name: C5_MeTrfase_DMR

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DRM1 and DRM2 are cytosine-5-methyltransferases from Arabidopsis involved in de novo DNA methylation [PMID: 12151602], control of asymmetric and CpNpG methylation [PMID: 12121623], and RNA-directed DNA methylation [PMID: 14680640].

C-5 cytosine-specific DNA methylases (EC: (C5 Mtase) are enzymes that specifically methylate the C-5 carbon of cytosines in DNA to produce C5-methylcytosine [PMID: 3248729, PMID: 8127644, PMID: 2716049]. In mammalian cells, cytosine-specific methyltransferases methylate certain CpG sequences, which are believed to modulate gene expression and cell differentiation. In bacteria, these enzymes are a component of restriction-modification systems and serve as valuable tools for the manipulation of DNA [PMID: 7773746, PMID: 8127644]. The structure of HhaI methyltransferase (M.HhaI) has been resolved to 2.5 A [PMID: 8343957]: the molecule folds into 2 domains - a larger catalytic domain containing catalytic and cofactor binding sites, and a smaller DNA recognition domain.

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