Mononegavirus L protein 2-O-ribose methyltransferase (IPR025786)

Short name: Mononega_L_MeTrfase

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Large structural protein L or protein L from Mononegavirales is responsible for the replication and transcription of the viral genome as well as all posttranscriptional modifications of viral mRNAs [PMID: 19052078]. The template is composed of the viral RNA tightly encapsulated by the nucleoprotein (N). The protein can function either as transcriptase or as replicase. The transcriptase synthesises subsequently subgenomic RNAs, assuring their capping and polyadenylation by a stuttering mechanism. The replicase mode is dependent on intracellular N protein concentration. In this mode, the polymerase replicates the whole viral genome without recognising the transcriptional signals [PMID: 8445369].

The large structural protein carries three enzymatic activities: RNA-directed RNA polymerase (EC:, mRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase (EC:, and mRNA guanylyltransferase (EC:2.7.7). This entry represents the methyltransferase domain.

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