Nucleoporin Nup54, alpha-helical domain (IPR025712)

Short name: Nup54_alpha-helical_dom

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This entry represents the alpha-helical domain of human Nup54. Nup54 interacts with Nup58 via the C-terminal part of this domain and Nup62 via the N-terminal part to form the nucleoporin complex [PMID: 22036567]. Nup54, Nup58 and Nup62 all have similar affinities for importin-beta. It seems likely that they are the only FG-repeat nucleoporins of the central channel, and as such they would form a zone of equal affinity spanning the central channel. The diffusion of importin-beta import complexes through the central channel may be a stochastic process as the affinities are similar, whereas movement from cytoplasmic fibrils to the central channel and from the central channel to the nuclear basket would be facilitated by the subtle differences in affinity between them [PMID: 12791264, PMID: 12656985]. In yeast, Nup54 is known as Nup57.

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