PepSY domain (IPR025711)

Short name: PepSY

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This domain is likely to have a protease inhibitory function. The name is derived from peptidase (M4) and YpeB of Bacillus subtilis [PMID: 15124630].

This domain is found in the propeptide of members of the MEROPS peptidase family M4 (clan MA(E)), which contains the thermostable thermolysins (EC:, and related thermolabile neutral proteases (bacillolysins) (EC: from various species of Bacillus. It is also in many non-peptidase proteins, including Bacillus subtilis YpeB protein - a regulator of SleB spore cortex lytic enzyme - and a large number of eubacterial and archaeal cell wall-associated and secreted proteins which are mostly annotated as 'hypothetical protein'.

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