Conserved Site

FHIPEP conserved site (IPR025505)

Short name: FHIPEP_CS


A number of bacterial proteins seem to be involved in translocating specific proteins across the bacterial cell membrane by a distinct secretory mechanism that does not require the cleavage of a signal peptide. They belong to the FHIPEP family, which stands for Flagella/Hr/Invasion Proteins Export Pore [PMID: 8253684, PMID: 8316211, PMID: 8097015].

The N-terminal half of these proteins is highly conserved and seems to contain 6 to 8 transmembrane domains. The C-terminal half is less conserved and seemingly devoid of transmembrane domains. It is possible that these proteins serve as pores for the export of specific proteins. This entry represents a highly conserved hydrophilic region between two transmembranes regions.

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