Putative tranposon-transfer assisting protein (IPR025468)

Short name: TTRAP

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TTRAP is a family of small bacterial proteins largely from Clostrium difficile. From comparative and other structural studies of the PDB:2L7K, Q18AW3, it has been suggested that this family is required for interacting with other proteins in order to facilitate the transfer of the transposon CTn4 between different bacterial species. PDB:2L7K comprises an alpha-helical fold of four alpha-helices leading to the production of two clefts, the larger of which displays two highly conserved residues in close proximity, Glu-8 and Lys-48. The gene concerned is part of an operon within transposon CTn4, and is expressed alongside a putative DNA primase, a DNA topoisomerase and conjugal transfer proteins [PMID: 24048810].

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