PLAT/LH2 and C2-like Ca2+-binding lipoprotein (IPR025219)

Short name: PLCC

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A small family of bacterial proteins, found in several Bacteroides species. Structure determination (NMR and Xray) shows an immunoglobulin beta-barrel fold. Multiple homologues have been found in human gut metagenomics data sets. Structural experimentation shows it to share features with two well-established protein architectures in the SCOP database, ie, C2 (calcium/lipid-binding domain) of the C2 domain (IPR000008) and the PLAT/LH2 domain (IPR001024) . The C2 and PLAT/LH2 domains bind Ca2+ in their functions of targeting proteins to cell-membranes; this domain is also shown to bind Ca2+ as well as to be a novel fold [PMID: 23681886].

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