Putative quorum-sensing-regulated virulence factor, QSregVF (IPR025203)

Short name: QSregVF

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This entry represents a family of short 14 kDa proteins from Psuedomonas. The structure of Q9HY15 a secreted protein has been solved and deposited as PDB:3npd. It comprises one structural domain with five beta-strands and five alpha-helices. Various comparative structural prediction methods plus its genomic location point to the protein forming a functional dimer with its adjacent genomic partner, Q9HY14. Together these might be regulated by the other product from the PotABCD operon, namely the putrescine-binding periplasmic protein Q9HY16. which has been implicated in quorum-sensing. QSregVF is certainly up-regulated in quorum-sensing, and is predicted to be a virulence factor [PMID: 24174223].

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