Recombination activating protein 2, PHD domain (IPR025162)

Short name: RAG2_PHD

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RAG-2 is an essential component of the lymphoid-specific recombination activating gene RAG1/2 V(D)J recombinase mediating antigen-receptor gene assembly. It contains an acidic hinge region implicated in histone-binding, a non-canonical plant homeodomain (PHD) finger followed by a C-terminal extension of 40 amino acids that is essential for phosphoinositide (PtdIns)-binding. [PMID: 18033247, PMID: 15964836, PMID: 18025461].

This domain, a non-canonical plant homeodomain (PHD) finger, is found at the C terminus of the Recombination activating gene 2 (RAG2) protein. The PHD finger is a chromatin-binding module that has been shown bound to histone H3 trimethylated at lysine 4 (H3K4me3) and influences V(D)J recombination [PMID: 18033247].

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