Bet v I type allergen (IPR024949)

Short name: Bet_v_I_allergen

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

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This family consists of a number of plant proteins that are structurally related [PMID: 2571499, PMID: 1371403, PMID: 1627770] and seem to be involved in pathogen defence response. These proteins include:

  • Bet v I, the major pollen allergen from white birch. Bet v I is the main cause of type I allergic reactions observed in early spring.
  • Aln g I, the major pollen allergen from alder.
  • Api G I, the major allergen from celery.
  • Car b I, the major pollen allergen from hornbeam.
  • Cor a I, the major pollen allergen from hazel.
  • Mal d I, the major pollen allergen from apple.
  • Asparagus wound-induced protein AoPR1.
  • Kidney bean pathogenesis-related proteins 1 and 2.
  • Parsley pathogenesis-related proteins PR1-1 and PR1-3.
  • Pea disease resistance response proteins pI49, pI176 and DRRG49-C.
  • Pea abscisic acid-responsive proteins ABR17 and ABR18.
  • Potato pathogenesis-related proteins STH-2 and STH-21.
  • Soybean stress-induced protein SAM22.

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