Septin and tuftelin interacting protein (IPR024933)

Short name: STIP

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Septin and tuftelin interacting proteins (STIPs) are G-patch domain proteins that are conserved in metazoans. The mouse protein, known as TFT11 was originally identified as a protein interacting with tuftelin, one of the presumed enamel matrix proteins [PMID: 11063033]. The Drosophila protein STP1 was originally identified as a septin-interacting protein [PMID: 11884525]. In both cases these interactions were identified by a yeast two-hybrid system and their function and direct physical association were not characterised. Subsequent studies show that these proteins are widely expressed and function as splicing factors [PMID: 15868102, PMID: 18981222]. STIP is essential for embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans [PMID: 17289020].

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