7-carboxy-7-deazaguanine synthase-like (IPR024924)

Short name: 7-CO-7-deazaguanine_synth-like

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This entry represents 7-carboxy-7-deazaguanine synthase and related uncharacterised proteins that are thought to have the same function.

7-deazapurines are compounds that contain pyrrolopyrimidine functional groups (similar to purines, but lacking one of the nitrogens in the pentameric ring). These compounds form a structurally diverse class of nucleoside analogues that often possess antibiotic, antineoplastic, or antiviral activities. Examples of 7-deazapurines that are important for cell function include the bacterial/eukaryotic modified tRNA base queuosine and the archaeal modified base archaeosine. 7-cyano-7-deazaguanosine (preQ0) is the precursor for all 7-deazapurines and is produced from GTP in a four-step pathway [PMID: 14660578, PMID: 19354300]. 7-carboxy-7-deazaguanine synthase catalyses the third step in this pathway, the conversion of 6-carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin to 7-carboxy-7-deazaguanine.

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