Coagulation factor 5/8-like (IPR024715)

Short name: Factor_5/8_like

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This entry represents coagulation factors V and VIII, as well as other members of the multicopper oxidase family including the functionally similar venom prothrombin activator subunits, and the possible ferroxidase, hephaestin.

Mammalian coagulation factors V and VIII play analogous roles as non-enzymatic cofactors in the activation of prothrombin and factor X, respectively. They are proteolytically activated by thrombin and inactivated by activated protein C (APC).

The structures of factor V and VIII have been determined [PMID: 15184653, PMID: 9834200]. The domain architecture of their precursor molecules can be represented as A1-A2-B-A3-C1-C2. The A domains are diverged versions of the multicopper oxidase domain (PF00394). The B domain is highly variable and is removed during activation to yield non-covalently-associated heavy and light chains; this domain in mammalian factor V contains multiple copies of a 9-residue repeat (see IPR009271). The C domains (PF00754) promote membrane binding.

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