DnaJ-like protein C11, C-terminal (IPR024586)

Short name: DnaJ-like_C11_C

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Chaperone DnaJ was originally characterised from Escherichia coli as a 41 kDa heat shock protein. DnaJ has a modular structure consisting of a J-domain, a proximal G/F-domain, and a distal zinc finger domain, followed by less conserved C-terminal sequences. Since then, a large number of DnaJ-related proteins containing a J-domain have been characterised from a variety of different organisms. In the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana a total of 89 J-domain proteins have been identified [PMID: 11599562].

This entry represents a C-terminal domain found in some eukaryotic DnaJ-like proteins, including member 11 from the subfamily C1 and protein DnaJ 13 from Arabidopsis. This domain is typically between 147 to 176 amino acids in length.

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