Homez, homeobox domain (IPR024578)

Short name: Homez_homeobox_dom

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Homez contains three atypical homeobox domains, two leucine zipper-like motifs and an acidic domain and belongs to the superfamily of homeobox-containing proteins. The presence of leucine zippers suggests that Homez can function as a homo or heterodimer in the nucleus [PMID: 12925734]. It is thought that the first leucine zipper and homeodomain 1 (HD1) of Homez is responsible for dimerisation and HD2 has a specific DNA-binding activity. Homez is also thought to function as a transcriptional repressor due to the acidic region in its C-terminal domain [PMID: 12925734]. Homez is involved in a complex regulatory network [PMID: 12925734].

This entry represents a homeobox domain found in Homez (HD3).

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