Chemotaxis methyl-accepting receptor HlyB-like, 4HB MCP domain (IPR024478)

Short name: HlyB_4HB_MCP

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This entry represents a four-helix bundle that operates as a ubiquitous sensory module in prokaryotic signal-transduction, which is known as four-helix bundles methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein (4HB_MCP) domain. The 4HB_MCP is always found between two predicted transmembrane helices indicating that it detects only extracellular signals. In many cases the domain is associated with a cytoplasmic HAMP domain suggesting that most proteins carrying the bundle might share the mechanism of transmembrane signalling which is well-characterised in E coli chemoreceptors [PMID: 16306392].

This domain is found in a group of methyl-accepting chemotaxis receptors that includes Vibrio cholerae HlyB [PMID: 8401237].

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