TACC protein, fungi (IPR024312)

Short name: TACC_fungi

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Family relationships

  • TACC family (IPR039915)
    • TACC protein, fungi (IPR024312)


TACC proteins are present in different organisms, ranging from yeasts to mammals. Schizosaccharomyces pombe has one TACC protein, known as Alp7 or Mia1p [PMID: 18656360]. Alp7/TACC consists of two domains: the N-terminal half that contains the nuclear localization signal (NLS) and has no homology to the other TACC members, and the C-terminal half, which consists of the conserved coiled-coil TACC domain [PMID: 14742702]. Alp7/TACC forms a complex with Alp14/TOG and localizes to microtubules, SPBs and kinetochores [PMID: 14742702, PMID: 11432827]. This complex is necessary for mitotic and meiotic spindle assembly and proper chromosome segregation [PMID: 24937146].

The homologue from S. cerevisiae, Slk19, also has a role in spindle assembly and stability, and it is required for proper chromosome segregation [PMID: 12354097, PMID: 10427094].

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