Ancestral coatomer element 1, Sec16/Sec31 (IPR024298)

Short name: ACE1_Sec16_Sec31

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Sec31 is a component of the COPII coat complex that mediates formation of transport vesicles from the ER. The central alpha-helical unit of Sec31 is structurally similar to four large architectural nucleoporins. This alpha-helical unit, common to COPII and nuclear pore complex proteins, has been termed the ancestral coatomer element 1 (ACE1) [PMID: 18974315].

This entry represents the ACE1 element found in Sec31 and Sec16, which also contains an ACE1 [PMID: 20696705]. The ACE1 element of Sec31 can functionally replace that of Sec16. Both Sec31 and Sec16 bind to Sec13 [PMID: 20696705].

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