Schizont-infected cell agglutination, extracellular beta domain (IPR024285)

Short name: SICA_extracell_b

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The schizont-infected cell agglutination (SICA) proteins of Plasmodium knowlesi, one of the variant antigen gene families, are associated with parasitic virulence. SICA proteins comprise multiple domains, with the extracellular cysteine-rich domains (CRDs) occurring at different frequencies. They contain a five-cysteine CRD (SICA-alpha) at the N terminus, which occurs once or twice, then between 1 and 10 SICA-beta CRDs with 7-10 cysteine residues, a transmembrane domain, and a conserved C-terminal domain [PMID: 18843368].

This entry represents the extracellular SICA-beta domain.

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