PEX5-related (IPR024112)

Short name: PEX5-rel

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Two types of peroxisomal targeting signal, PTS1 and PTS2, have been identified as amino acid sequences necessary for peroxisome sorting. The peroxisomal proteins containing PTS are recognised by specific receptors and are delivered to the peroxisomal membrane.

Peroxisomal targeting signal 1 receptor (PTS1R, also known as PEX5) binds to the C-terminal PTS1-type tripeptide peroxisomal targeting signal (SKL-type) and plays an essential role in peroxisomal protein import [PMID: 11606046, PMID: 16428307, PMID: 11865044]. Proteins related to PTS1R (generally known as PEX5-related proteins) have been identified in mammals. Based on subcellular localization and binding properties they may function as a regulator in an early step of the PTS1 protein import process [PMID: 11463335].

This entry represents the PEX5-related proteins.

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