4Fe4S-binding SPASM domain (IPR023885)

Short name: 4Fe4S-binding_SPASM_dom

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This domain contains regions binding additional 4Fe4S clusters found in various radical SAM proteins C-terminal to the domain described by IPR007197. Radical SAM enzymes with this domain tend to be involved in protein modification, including anaerobic sulphatase maturation proteins, a quinohemoprotein amine dehydrogenase biogenesis protein, the Pep1357-cyclizing radical SAM enzyme, and various bacteriocin biosynthesis proteins [PMID: 21478363, PMID: 21223593]. SkfB from Bacillus subtilis, which catalyzes the formation of the thioether bond required for production of the sporulation killing factor SkfA [PMID: 12817086], also contains this domain. The motif CxxCxxxxxCxxxC is nearly invariant for members of this family, although PqqE has a variant form. This domain has been named SPASM for Subtilosin, PQQ, Anaerobic Sulphatase, and Mycofactocin.

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