Transcriptional regulator HTH-type, MalT (IPR023768)

Short name: Tscrpt_reg_HTH_MalT

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This entry represents the transcription regulator MalT, which contains one HTH LuxR-type DNA-binding domain. MalT positively regulates the transcription of the maltose regulon whose gene products are responsible for uptake and catabolism of malto-oligosaccharides. It binds and recognises a DNA motif: 5'-GGA[TG]GA-3', called the MalT box.

MalT is a monomer in solution but oligomerises to an active state in the presence of the positive effectors ATP and maltotriose. It interacts with MalY, MalK and Aes, all of which negatively regulate MalT activity by antagonising maltotriose binding.

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