Prokineticin domain (IPR023569)

Short name: Prokineticin_domain

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The prokineticin family includes prokinectin itself and related proteins such as BM8 and the AVIToxins. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) controls the circadian rhythm of physiological and behavioural processes in mammals. It has been shown that prokineticin 2 (PK2), a cysteine-rich secreted protein, functions as an output molecule from the SCN circadian clock. PK2 messenger RNA is rhythmically expressed in the SCN, and the phase of PK2 rhythm is responsive to light entrainment. Molecular and genetic studies have revealed that PK2 is a gene that is controlled by a circadian clock [PMID: 12024206].

The prokinectin domain is found in the prokinectin family and the hainantoxins, where it comprises the whole length of the protein. This domain is also found at the C terminus of some members of the Dickkopf family.

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