Ethanolamine utilization protein-like domain (IPR023414)

Short name: EutN-like_dom

Domain relationships



The crystal structure of ethanolamine utilization protein EutN contains a central five-stranded beta-barrel, with an alpha-helix at the open end of this barrel. The structure also contains three additional beta-strands, which helps the formation of a tight hexamer, with a hole in the centre [PMID: 17588214]. The eut operon, which has been studied in Salmonella typhimurium [PMID: 10464203], encodes several proteins involved in ethanolamine utilization, which takes place inside the eut microcompartment.

Carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism protein CcmL, a component of the carboxysome shell, has a similar three-dimensional fold to EutN [PMID: 18292340]. The carboxysome is a bacterial microcompartment that functions as a simple organelle by sequestering enzymes involved in carbon fixation. CcmL structure is pentameric rather than hexameric.

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