Homologous Superfamily

Ornithine cyclodeaminase, N-terminal (IPR023401)

Short name: ODC_N

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This entry represents the N-terminal domain of the ornithine cyclodeanimase family. This is an alpha/beta two layer sandwich domain. Members of this family includes ornithine cyclodeanimase [PMID: 15518536], alanine dehydrogenase from Archaeoglobus [PMID: 15313611] and human cytosolic 3,5,39-triiodo-L-thyronine-binding protein, also called mu-crystallin or CRYM [PMID: 17242435]. The function of this domain in ornithine cyclodeaminases, in combination with the C terminus, is responsible for substrate binding. This is a dimerisation domain of alanine dehydrogenase and CRYM.

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