Homologous Superfamily

Sec7, C-terminal domain superfamily (IPR023394)

Short name: Sec7_C_sf

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The Sec7 domain was named after the first protein found to contain such a region [PMID: 3042778]. It has been shown to be linked with guanine nucleotide exchange function [PMID: 9072969, PMID: 9442017]. The 3D structure of the domain displays several alpha-helices [PMID: 9653114]. It was found to be associated with other domains involved in guanine nucleotide exchange (e.g., CDC25, Dbl) in mammalian factors [PMID: 9868368].

This superfamily represents the alpha orthogonal structural domain which is found at the C terminus of the Sec7 domain (IPR035999).

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