Homologous Superfamily

Mitochondrial outer membrane translocase complex, Tom20 domain superfamily (IPR023392)

Short name: Tom20_dom_sf

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The mitochondrial protein translocase (MPT) family, which brings nuclearly encoded preproteins into mitochondria, is very complex with 19 currently identified protein constituents. These proteins include several chaperone proteins, four proteins of the outer membrane translocase (Tom) import receptor, five proteins of the Tom channel complex, five proteins of the inner membrane translocase (Tim) and three "motor" proteins [PMID: 9442867].

The Tom complex performs multiple functions in a coordinated manner. Tom20, Tom37, Tom70, and Tom72 function as redundant receptor proteins, while Tom40 constitutes a protein conducting channel with the aid of Tom22 [PMID: 9774109, PMID: 10519552]. Tom20 functions as a general import receptor for mitochondrial proteins and passes them onto the Tom40 channel [PMID: 8223428].

This superfamily represents the structural domain of Tom20 that binds to mitochondrial precursor proteins. It consists of five alpha-helices. This first four form a well-defined structure with an internal hydrophobic core [PMID: 10721992].

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