Outer surface lipoprotein domain (IPR023322)

Short name: OM_lipoprot_dom

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The ospA and ospB genes encode the major outer membrane proteins of the Lyme disease spirochaete Borrelia burgdorferi [PMID: 2761388]. The deduced gene products OspA and OspB, contain 273 and 296 residues respectively [PMID: 2761388]. The two Osp proteins show a high degree of sequence similarity, indicating a recent evolutionary event. Molecular analysis and sequence comparison of OspA and OspB with other proteins has revealed similarity to the signal peptides of prokaryotic lipoproteins [PMID: 2761388, PMID: 1560779].

This entry represents a structural domain, which consists of 21 stranded sheet partly folded upon itself at the ends, found in outer surface lipoproteins.

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