Cysteine/serine-rich nuclear protein family (IPR023260)

Short name: Cys/Ser-rich_nuc_prot

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Members of the cysteine/serine-rich nuclear protein family (CSRNP) contain cysteine- and serine-rich regions and a basic domain. They are nuclear proteins that possess a transcriptional activation domain and bind the sequence AGAGTG [PMID: 17726538, PMID: 18291095]. The proteins actively influence transcriptional activity, but it has not been established which of their domains are involved in DNA binding. It is thought that this may potentially be mediated by the conserved cysteine-rich or the basic domain.

It has been shown that CSRNP genes are down-regulated in various different cancers, suggesting that they act as tumour suppressors [PMID: 17726538]. This would usually imply a relation to reduced apoptosis, but this has yet to be proven; in some studies, a reduction in apoptosis was not detected as a result of deficiencies of CSRNP genes.

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