Cattle cerebrum and skeletal muscle-specific protein 1 (IPR023248)

Short name: CCSMST1

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Family relationships

  • CCSMST1 family (IPR029160)
    • Cattle cerebrum and skeletal muscle-specific protein 1 (IPR023248)


Following a subtractive bioinformatics analysis of cattle placenta ESTs, a number of novel transcripts were identified. Gene-expression profiles and further bioinformatics analyses have indicated that the identified genes may be of evolutionary and physiological importance, with possible roles in placental adaptation [PMID: 16554549]. Revealed by this study was so-called Cattle Cerebrum and Skeletal Muscle-Specific Transcript 1 (CCSMST1) [PMID: 16554549], whose translation product is believed to contain a signal peptide and a single transmembrane (TM) domain [PMID: 16554549].

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