Cancer susceptibility candidate protein 1 (IPR023247)

Short name: Casc1

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The CAncer Susceptibility Candidate 1 (CASC1) gene is expressed in lung tissues, and is a strong candidate for the pulmonary adenoma susceptibility 1 (Pas1) locus, the major determinant of strain variation in lung tumour susceptibility [PMID: 16410263]. There appears to be a strong correlation between functional polymorphism of CASC1 and lung tumour suspectibility in mice [PMID: 14583591].

Different mouse strains fall into two genotype groups (susceptible and intermediate) according to differences in the 60th codon of the CASC1 gene [PMID: 14583591]. The mouse CASC1 gene shares 81% similarity with the human equivalent; the role of CASC1 in human lung-cancer risk may nevertheless differ from that in mice [PMID: 16410263, PMID: 14583591].

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