Autism susceptibility gene 2 protein (IPR023246)

Short name: AUTS2

Family relationships



AUTS2 is a novel gene identified in a monozygotic twin pair with autism; its translation product is a large protein containing 1,295 amino acids [PMID: 12160723]. Following DNA sequence analysis of autism subjects and controls, no autism-specific mutation was observed. Association and linkage analyses were also negative. It is hence considered unlikely that AUTS2 is an autism suspecptibility gene for idiopathic autism, although it may be the gene responsible for the disorder in the twins in this study [PMID: 12160723]. The AUTS2 gene product shares a high level of similarity with the so-called fibrosin-1-like protein, a functionally uncharacterised polypeptide that contains C-terminal Ala-rich and Pro-rich regions.

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