Cytochrome c oxidase protein 20 homologue (IPR023242)

Short name: COX20_meta

Family relationships

  • Cox20/FAM36A (IPR022533)
    • Cytochrome c oxidase protein 20 homologue (IPR023242)


FAM36A is the human orthologue of the fungal complex IV assembly factor COX20. The assembly of complex IV (cytochrome c oxidase) starts with the COX1 protein, followed by the addition of the nuclear-encoded subunits COX4 and COX5A. Next, COX2 and COX3 are added completing the formation of the catalytic core, after which the incorporation of the remaining accessory subunits leads to a fully assembled holocomplex [PMID: 20307258]. Mutations in FAM36A impair complex IV assembly at the incorporation of the COX2 subunit, and are associated with ataxia and muscle hypotonia [PMID: 23125284].

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