Homologous Superfamily

Salmonella invasion protein A, C-terminal actin-binding domain superfamily (IPR023224)

Short name: SipA_actin-bd_C_sf

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Salmonella invasion protein A (SipA) is a virulence factor that is translocated into host cells by a type III secretion system. In the host cell it binds to actin, stimulates actin polymerisation and counteracts F-actin destabilising proteins. This contributes towards cytoskeletal rearrangements that allow the entry of the pathogen into the host cell [PMID: 11331579].

The actin-binding domain forms a heart-shaped helical structure that appears to be unrelated to that of other actin-binding domains [PMID: 14512630]. Disordered regions are present on both sides of the structural domain, forming nonglobular arms. SipA polymerises actin by stapling filaments with these nonglobular arms.

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