Homologous Superfamily

Na/H antiporter domain superfamily (IPR023171)

Short name: Na/H_antiporter_dom_sf

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NhaA is a sodium ion/proton antiporter that uses the proton electrochemical gradient to expel sodium ions from the cytoplasm and functions primarily in the adaptation to high salinity at alkaline pH. NhaA is also believed to be responsible for adaptation to alkaline pH when sodium is available. NhaA is one of the three known sodium ion/proton antiporters in Escherichia coli along with NhaB and ChaA, though there are other mechanisms for Na+ extrusion such as NDH-I complicating the determination of the precise roles of each of the transporters [PMID: 19448069].

This entry represents the structural domain superfamily found in the Na+/H+ family of antiporters.

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